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Greenville, North Carolina

Greenville, known as the “Gateway to Eastern North Carolina”, lies along the banks of the Tar River. Located in NC’s Coastal Region, Greenville stakes its claim as the regional center for academic and cultural pursuits.

Greenville is the seat of Pitt County, which is renowned as an ideal place in which to live and work. Money Magazine consistently ranks Greenville among the top fifty cities to live in the country. With a population of 60,476 (Census 2000 information) and counting, Greenville is one of the fastest growing cities in NC.

With its close proximity to the bustling Interstate 95, Greenville possesses a favorable professional climate suitable for starting or sustaining successful businesses. This favorable business environment continually attracts national and international companies to the area.Well-known corporations, including NACCO and Rubbermaid, now have sites in Greenville, NC creating a wealth of local jobs. Pitt County also has a burgeoning retail, services and agricultural industry. Pitt County is the nation’s leading tobacco producer.

As the region’s cultural leader, Greenville boasts unrivaled opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Local universities draw from the talents of their art, music and theater departments to perform for fellow students and community members. The business district teems with both upscale retail establishments and smaller antique and boutique shops. Restaurants range from the finest cuisine to the traditional scrumptious Southern barbecue. With such a wide range of choices, Greenville lives up to its reputation as a cultural hub.

Greenville is also renowned as a regional center for education. Pitt County’s exceptional public school system boasts CAT scores that consistently surpass that of the regional, state or national averages. Over 67% of Greenville citizens already hold college degrees, while current and future students have local choices for higher learning that include Pitt Community College and East Carolina University (ECU). The excellence of ECU’s Brody School of Medicine, in combination with the Pitt County Memorial Hospital, bring patients and physicians from all over the world to the Greenville area. Pitt County has the third-highest concentration of physicians statewide.

Sports Illustrated Magazine named Greenville “Sportstown, North Carolina” for its wide range of recreational parks and facilities, greenways with walking and biking trails and its overall dedication to the local sports scene. Sports fans faithfully cheer on the various ECU sporting teams in season and enjoy playing baseball, basketball, golf and tennis throughout the year.

Greenville, North Carolina embodies southern charm while projecting a pro-business atmosphere that will sustain a thriving economy for generations to come. With its delicate balance of academic and cultural opportunities, this scenic community is a delightful place to call home.

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