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Should I call an attorney?

It can’t hurt! You are hurt, and I can help you. You should call today.  It is important to take action as soon as you are injured or develop an occupational disease on the job. You will protect yourself and your legal rights when you take immediate action and, more importantly you can get the kind of medical treatment you really need. The employer will most likely send you to a doc in the box; whereas an experienced attorney will send you to  the right kind of specialist for your injury.  Even if you don’t end up hiring a lawyer right away, you should call an experienced professional as soon as possible after you are hurt. It is important.


But my employer told me that they would take care of everything?

It is true that under the North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act, your employer should provide medical treatment and pay you if you miss work. These things should happen automatically when you are hurt in the course and scope of your employment.   However, employers or their insurance carriers usually do not provide all of the benefits that Workers Compensation Act requires. Business and insurance companies operate to make a profit.  Their interests are very different than your interests, and they will short change you every opportunity they get.  Even if you think the employer is taking care of their responsibilities, it’s important to speak to an experienced workers compensation attorney so that you can be sure.  It’s free after all.


Can my employer fire me for hiring a lawyer or filing a workers compensation claim?

No! If you get fired as a result of your workers compensation claim, then you have additional legal remedies against her employer. If we can prove that there was a connection between your on-the-job injury or occupational disease and your termination, we can pursue a retaliatory employment discrimination act claim and or a wrongful termination claim.  We stand up to employers who try bully their workers, and we give the little guy more power.  No case is too difficult for this law firm to pursue. 


Should I call Laura?

Yes! You were injured on the job.  I can help you because I have tried dozens of cases at the hearing level and appellate level of the Industrial Commission.  Moreover, I have handled cases before North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court.    When my clients call, I pick up the phone and talk to them.  The Law Office of Laura Jenkins is a small practice, and we ONLY help individuals who have been injured.  If you are not sure whether you need a lawyer, I will explain the process to you.  I can answer simple questions and litigate the most complex Workers Compensation issues. Doing this work is important to me because I truly enjoy helping regular folks.  A North Carolina girl helping North Carolina citizens.  I look forward to disusing your injury and your rights under the Workers Compensation act with you.  


Do I have to pay?

No! Not for the first call any way.  Attorney Jenkins will provide a one-time free consultation, and speak with you about your problem and give you the legal advice and piece of mind you are looking for. If you decided the hire Ms. Jenkins, you will pay an attorney fee only if you receive a workers compensation settlement.  And you do not have to pay a dime until your case settles or we win at hearing. Like other law firms, we pay for the expenses in your case, and you pay us back when your case pays off.  

Josh W.


 I can promise you will be the first call I make when not if I have questions in the future.   I also would like to thank you for all your work you’ve done for me these past few years. This honestly would have been impossible without you. You took the time to answer every question and make sure I understood every step of the process, you truly care about the people you represent and it shows. I would highly recommend you to anyone anytime.  I can’t thank you enough for everything!

Josh W.

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Johnny P


“I am truly amazed at how much you care about the person that you are representing. I would, and do, highly recommend you to everyone. You have listened to me and made my mind rest a lot easier. There was a lady at the grocery store talking about her lawyer in a bad way, and I started telling her about you, and I gave her your phone number and told her to call…

Johnny P.

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