If you are an accident victim in North Carolina, It’s understandable that you may have questions regarding filing a personal injury case. It can be hard to know if what you’ve suffered is truly an accident due to someone else’s harmful actions or negligence. Only a personal injury attorney can walk you through the process of filing a lawsuit and help you best understand what options exist for you.

What are the First Steps in Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered any type of accident, your first step is to always seek medical care. Regardless of how minor your injury may seem, it’s important to have a medical professional evaluate you fully.

Next, call a lawyer. Laura S. Jenkins is a workers compensation attorney in Raleigh, NC who offers a free, no-obligation consultation to anyone who’s suffered an accident. As your personal injury attorney, she will listen attentively to the details of your case and ensure that you’re confident moving forward. A motivated personal injury attorney will assess the facts of your case and work to create a strong plan for defending your accident in court.

How Will My Compensation be Calculated?

In personal injury cases, compensation is generally calculated based on your actual damages, which typically include medical bills paid by health insurance, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and lost wages. Car accidents are a commonly occurring personal injury lawsuit in North Carolina. For example, let’s say you suffered a car accident because another driver on the road was texting. If you went to the hospital and discovered that you broke your arm, your attorney will fight to compensate you for the medical expenses you had to pay out-of-pocket.

If it’s deemed in a court of law that the accident occurred due to another person’s negligence, you are entitled to seek compensation. If your car was totaled in the accident, it’s possible that you can be compensated for these damages as well.

If you broke your arm in a car accident, it’s likely you won’t be able to work until you are fully healed. When you take time off of work, you have to use precious sick days and paid leave that you otherwise could have used for personal time off. When your paycheck suffers after an accident, it simply isn’t fair. You deserve to seek compensation for the time you’ve unjustly had to take off of work.

For more extreme accident cases, it may be possible to earn compensation for your pain and suffering. Some accident victims unfortunately witness traumatic crime scenes or suffer emotionally after an accident due to the circumstances the accident created. Always speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. With every aspect of your case in consideration, your lawyer can best fight for your compensation in court.

What if I Can’t Pay my Medical Bills?

Speak with your personal injury lawyer about filing for workers’ compensation after an accident. Laura S. Jenkins, PC can provide sound guidance and help you with the process of filing a claim.

Whatever type of accident you’ve suffered, you deserve skilled legal counsel and a fighting chance at compensation. Contact Laura S. Jenkins, PC at (919)846-7766 for a free, no-obligation consultation of your case. Our goal is to help you move forward in a positive direction.