Most arguments between landlords and their tenants can be settled by referencing the lease agreement and abiding by the rules in place. But certain disputes become too complex to mediate out of court. In the event that a disagreement between you, if you are the tenant, and your landlord becomes impossible to resolve, contact a civil litigation attorney as soon as you can.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Landlord and tenant disputes are a niche area of civil litigation reserved only for certain disagreements. If you are facing eviction, contact a lawyer. A local workers compensation law firm that’s knowledgeable in landlord-tenant law in your area can help combine resources to defend you against your eviction. Your attorney will assess the facts of your situation and address your legal options available that may make it possible to remain living in your rental.

Many landlords fail to adhere to their contract and don’t make necessary repairs to their properties. In this unfortunate scenario, it may be necessary to bring a civil litigation lawyer into the situation to come to a fair conclusion. If your landlord declines multiple requests for maintenance and leaves their properties in disrepair, you are entitled to seek legal counsel.

If your landlord’s failure to maintain your rental property causes you to suffer an injury, a lawyer can help award you compensation. The right lawyer will advocate on your behalf in court and work to demonstrate the negligence of your landlord. You deserve to be compensated for your medical care and pain and suffering.

How Can a Civil Litigation Attorney Settle a Dispute With My Landlord?

A civil litigation attorney will assess the truth of your situation and leverage that information to find justice for you. By collecting and referencing all applicable evidence and documentation, your attorney will work to defend your stance in court and prove before a judge that your landlord failed to fulfill his or her responsibilities. Only a civil litigation attorney understands the nuances of landlord-tenant law as it applies to the greater Raleigh region.

If you have a legally binding contract with a landlord and they are failing to meet contractually binding requirements, you have every right as a tenant to seek legal counsel. Your lawyer will work to demonstrate the negligence of your landlord and fight to impose proper penalties upon them.

Are You Ready for Help?

If you’re located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and are having a dispute with your landlord, contact Laura S. Jenkins, PC as soon as you can. As always when dealing with contractual obligations, it’s best to be defended by a lawyer who can prove your adherence to the terms of the contract and fight against your landlord’s wrongdoing.

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