At any construction site, the risk for injury is high. Most construction sites involve heavy machinery, scaffolding, ladders, and other equipment that can cause harm if not maintained or operated with care and precision. Construction accidents are among the leading category of workplace fatalities, with hundreds of Americans unfortunately becoming injured every year.

Anyone who has been injured on a construction site has the right to speak with a lawyer to discuss their options for receiving compensation.

What are the Most Commonly Occurring Types of Construction Accidents?

If your injury was a result of any of the following, you likely have a strong personal injury claim.

Slip and Falls. A slip and fall can happen on almost any worksite, but especially a construction site. With debris and equipment are often strewn about the worksite, any unsuspecting individual can trip over equipment and suffer a dangerous fall. If you are hurt by a slip and fall accident on a construction site, you deserve compensation.

Electrocutions. While some work sites are under construction, there may be exposed wires, power lines, or electrical systems that are installed to completion. This poses the risk of electrocution to anyone who comes in contact with the equipment. If proper care wasn’t taken by the site manager or company involved, and you were injured, you may have a cause to claim in court.

Overexertion. Project managers and site supervisors have an obligation to ensure workers take enough breaks. If conditions are too hot for workers to safely continue on the job site, state and federal regulations state that upper management needs to act accordingly. If a worker overexerts themselves or suffers heat exhaustion, this is not a construction accident that’s taken lightly.

Machinery Accidents. Heavy machinery is a trademark signifier of a construction site in progress. When someone recklessly operates machinery or machinery is left on and unattended, an innocent bystander or employee can easily get hurt.

Can a Construction Accident Lawyer Help Me File for Workers’ Compensation?

Anyone who has been injured in their workplace, including a construction site, may be eligible to file for workers’ compensation. Our firm has experience helping construction accident victims in North Carolina, and you can trust that we will bring our knowledge to your accident case and work to ensure your workers’ competition settlement is as high as it can possibly be.

The process of filing for workers’ compensation only seems daunting. With the right legal help, you can ensure your application will be complete to the fullest extent, with no missing information that might cost you the settlement you deserve. Always have a trusted a law firm focused on workers compensation in Raleigh to oversee the process of filing for workers’ compensation, in order to maximize your results as soon as possible.

How Can a Skilled Lawyer Help with My Case?

If you were hurt at work, you need compassionate legal advocacy to help build your personal injury case. Trust Laura S. Jenkins, PC to provide personal attention to the details of your case and listen attentively to your concerns following your construction accident.

Our firm will collect and assess all associated evidence to build the strongest personal injury case possible. With decades of experience and a network of legal resources, you can be confident and prepared throughout the entire process.