Suffering an injury in the workplace can be frightening and can have long-lasting consequences for the worker affected. You may be left with long-term injuries, pain, and the prospect of losing wages from work, potential future earnings, or even losing your position. If you were injured because you slipped at work, you deserve the opportunity to seek compensation.

Workplace accidents come in many forms, but one of the most common causes of incidents is a slip and fall accident. These are a possibility in all types of workplaces and while they may seem small, they have the potential to cause very serious injuries and damage. If you were hurt because of a slip, fall, or trip at work, you may very well be entitled to money for your injuries. A lawyer can help determine fault, specifically whether your employer was negligent in the care of your workplace. We can provide you with workers’ compensation attorney help.

How Should Slips and Falls Be Prevented by Employers?

You are entitled to work in a safe environment. Just a few simple changes to the physical working environment and the working practices implemented within the company can be beneficial in helping to reduce the chance of employees being involved in severe accidents. Employers and owners should be expected to keep up these standards. If they did not and you were injured as a result, you may have a strong personal injury claim for which you are entitled to seek compensation.

Clean Spills Immediately

The best way to reduce a slip or fall is to ensure that there is nothing to fall on. Wherever possible employers should ensure that any spills are cleaned up and dealt with immediately and that the surface is made safe to walk on as soon as possible. They should add a ‘Wet Floor’ sign even when the spill is gone; as the floor may still be a little slippery from the cleaning.

Use Clear Signage

In some situations, it may not be possible to clear up a spill straight away; as a specific staff member or building maintenance person or specific equipment might be needed. In these situations, management should make the spill as clear and obvious as possible, using appropriate signage. If possible, they should section off the area to make it clear that there is a hazard and ensure to alert anyone who may be affected.

Keep Walkways Clear

Floors, stairs, and walkways should be kept clear and free from clutter. Having to climb over boxes or navigate around furniture is hazardous for employees and increases their risk of tripping over something. This also applies to any electrical cables and wires. They should be out of sight and there should be no loose ends or loops which could cause someone to trip.

Take Every Preventative Measure

There are specific working environments which, by their very nature, are far more prone to slips occurring. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most obvious culprits, but entrance halls can also be dangerous – multiple staff members entering on a wet day can cause water to pool on the floor, and this can cause a real risk. Additionally, spaces that house water coolers, air conditioning units, drinks machines, and even potted plants can all potentially become dangerous if the water is allowed to gather on the floor.

What Help is Available if I am Injured?

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