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“Laura did an excellent job. From the time she took my case, the things she said were going to get done, got done. I would recommend her without hesitation.” – Geraldine I.

“I called the attorney I had before almost every day for a month, and they would never call back. I think the world of this office. I get answers, they return my calls, and Jennifer and Laura do a great job.” – David J.

“Outstanding – absolutely great service.” – Tim T.

“I am truly amazed at how much you care about the person that you are representing. I would, and do, highly recommend you to everyone. You have listened to me and made my mind rest a lot easier. There was a lady at the grocery store talking about her lawyer in a bad way, and I started telling her about you, and I gave her your phone number and told her to call.” – Johnny P.

“Laura is awesome. She’s done a fantastic job. She took a losing case and completely turned it around. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.” – Cathy S.

“Laura and her team have been a pleasure to work with. I imagined that filing a lawsuit and going through the civil courts would be an intimidating process, but Laura’s team made it simple, straightforward, and stress-free.” – Dan S.

“I really appreciate everything Laura and her staff have done for my case. When I need help with something, they get it done.” – Connie B.

“Laura Jenkins is a superhero! My original attorney tried to convince me to take the first offer workman’s compensation submitted which seemed too low. I decided to call another attorney for their opinion and found Ms. Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins came in & saved the day! Not only did she inform me that the offer was way to low to accept, she helped me divorce my old attorney, took over my case & obtained a much larger settlement for me. Ms. Jenkins was so kind, compassionate & explanatory throughout the entire process. Ms. Jenkins should be your first and only call if you’re looking for a workman’s compensation attorney!” – Chris Mayer

“Laura is fabulous, caring, compassionate, a strong fighter, and not afraid to get tough when needed.” – Corey Spence

“Laura was invaluable in helping me during a very stressful time. After being involved in a worker’s compensation claim, the insurance companies didn’t make things easy for me and my family. But Laura was passionate about engaging and ensuring the best possible outcome. “We Won” … Thanks Laura you were wonderful.” – James B.

“Ms Laura Jenkins is such a professional attorney with a lot of knowledge. When I did not know where to turn after a work injury I know I could count on Ms Laura Jenkins for advice and medical treatment.” Thank you so much. – Suzanne

“Attorney Laura Jenkins was referred to me by a friend! Best decision i made! Laura did a phenomenal job negotiating a settlement! When I started my process with her I walked into her office feeling defeated!! However with Laura’s expertise and wisdom my case was a win win!! Excellent service and Excellent job!!! Laura is a true GEM!!!” – Deborah W. 

“Laura has helped me for almost 4 years now.  She is easy to get in contact with and is very personable.  She explains to you clearly and so that you can understand them.  I feel that Laura really cares about my case and me as a client.” -Josh W. 

“Following my accident, I knew who I was going to contact, Laura Jenkins.  I had confidence in her as a lawyer and knew that she would handle my case.  You can tell that she is doing everything she can to help you and your case.” Brenda B.

Josh W.


 I can promise you will be the first call I make when not if I have questions in the future.   I also would like to thank you for all your work you’ve done for me these past few years. This honestly would have been impossible without you. You took the time to answer every question and make sure I understood every step of the process, you truly care about the people you represent and it shows. I would highly recommend you to anyone anytime.  I can’t thank you enough for everything!

Josh W.

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Cathy S


Laura is awesome. She’s done a fantastic job. She took a losing case and completely turned it around. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that…

Cathy S.