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Third Party Claims
If you are injured on the job as a result of the acts of a person who is not your employer or co-employee, you may make claims against both workers' compensation and that third party. These third party claims frequently involve auto accidents, slip and falls, and defective products. The employer or workers' compensation carrier has the right to recover their payments to the extent a third party is responsible for the loss. However, the amount that the Comp carrier can recovery is negotiable and can be minimized by an experience attorney.

Other third party claims arise as negligence claims against a landowner who provided an unsafe work environment for contractors. Often, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration will investigate industrial accidents. Their investigation can be very helpful in uncovering any third party claims. It however does not replace an investigation done on your behalf and carried out in a timely manner. You need to be aware that in product liability claims, the product in question is often modified or destroyed soon after the accident. If this happens before an inspection is done on your behalf, the most crucial piece of evidence will be gone and so might be your third party claim. If you have been injured on the job, you should speak with an attorney to find out about your rights under workers' compensation law. A knowledgeable attorney can also advise you in regards to any third-party claim you may be able to bring.

The interplay between workers' compensation and third party claims is complex and requires an experienced attorney to help you maximize both claims. Ms. Jenkins has handled many cases that involving a workers compensation and a third party claim component.

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