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“Laura did an excellent job. From the time she took my case, the things she said were going to get done, got done. I would recommend her without hesitation.” – Geraldine I.

“I called the attorney I had before almost every day for a month, and they would never call back. I think the world of this office. I get answers, they return my calls, and Jennifer and Laura do a great job.” – David J.

“Outstanding – absolutely great service.” – Tim T.

“I am truly amazed at how much you care about the person that you are representing. I would, and do, highly recommend you to everyone. You have listened to me and made my mind rest a lot easier. There was a lady at the grocery store talking about her lawyer in a bad way, and I started telling her about you, and I gave her your phone number and told her to call.” – Johnny P.

“Laura is awesome. She’s done a fantastic job. She took a losing case and completely turned it around. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.” – Cathy S.

“Laura and her team have been a pleasure to work with. I imagined that filing a lawsuit and going through the civil courts would be an intimidating process, but Laura’s team made it simple, straightforward, and stress-free.” – Dan S.

“I really appreciate everything Laura and her staff have done for my case. When I need help with something, they get it done.” – Connie B.

“Laura Jenkins is a superhero! My original attorney tried to convince me to take the first offer workman’s compensation submitted which seemed too low. I decided to call another attorney for their opinion and found Ms. Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins came in & saved the day! Not only did she inform me that the offer was way to low to accept, she helped me divorce my old attorney, took over my case & obtained a much larger settlement for me. Ms. Jenkins was so kind, compassionate & explanatory throughout the entire process. Ms. Jenkins should be your first and only call if you’re looking for a workman’s compensation attorney!” – Chris Mayer

“Laura is fabulous, caring, compassionate, a strong fighter, and not afraid to get tough when needed.” – Corey Spence

“Laura was invaluable in helping me during a very stressful time. After being involved in a worker’s compensation claim, the insurance companies didn’t make things easy for me and my family. But Laura was passionate about engaging and ensuring the best possible outcome. “We Won” … Thanks Laura you were wonderful.” – James B.

“Ms Laura Jenkins is such a professional attorney with a lot of knowledge. When I did not know where to turn after a work injury I know I could count on Ms Laura Jenkins for advice and medical treatment.” Thank you so much. – Suzanne

“Attorney Laura Jenkins was referred to me by a friend! Best decision i made! Laura did a phenomenal job negotiating a settlement! When I started my process with her I walked into her office feeling defeated!! However with Laura’s expertise and wisdom my case was a win win!! Excellent service and Excellent job!!! Laura is a true GEM!!!” – Deborah W. 

“Laura has helped me for almost 4 years now.  She is easy to get in contact with and is very personable.  She explains to you clearly and so that you can understand them.  I feel that Laura really cares about my case and me as a client.” -Josh W. 

“Following my accident, I knew who I was going to contact, Laura Jenkins.  I had confidence in her as a lawyer and knew that she would handle my case.  You can tell that she is doing everything she can to help you and your case.” Brenda B.

Cathy S


Laura is awesome. She’s done a fantastic job. She took a losing case and completely turned it around. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that…

Cathy S.